Modelling and simulation of material handling machinary

Multiphase flow with two or more phases

Structural integrity analysis

Bulk material flow, modelling of behavior of sand, grains or stones.

Numerical Modelling

FEA: Finite Element Analysis

  • Failure analysis.
  • Thermal profiles and thermal stresses calculation.
  • Estimation of stresses and strains.
  • Structural integrity analysis of equipments under thermal and mechanical loads.
  • Design optimization.
  • Fatigue.

CFD: Computing fluids Dynamics

  • Study of flows in real situations
  • Effluent behavior and the evolution of their properties are be detailed described.
  • Mixed Flows: flows in the presence of two or more phases, liquid-gas, liquid-solid, etc. Pipes, reactors, filtration system..
  • Bulk Flow: the behavior of granular solids (sands, grains, stones) in the processing, transportation or storage media is analyzed.
  • Process Optimization.