Analysis of mechanical resistance of water tank  produced by rotomoulding.

Rotomoldeo M & M needed to change the functionality of one of their products: water tank. It was hoped that the same could be buried preserving the dimensional characteristics, mechanical and functional resistance (opening of cover). Finite element analysis of the structural behavior of the cistern when buried in sand.

We analyzed 4 design alternatives, which provide the necessary structural rigidity and do not distort the original design of the same. The deformations that the model showed were validated through a control tank.


- the use of the numerical tool allowed the analysis of variants of designs without the need to construct matrices and to resort to trial and error, representing a cost savings of 70% of the design process and considerably reducing the time of the same.

- a robust design was obtained that allows to underground the tank avoiding the collapse of the same and conserving the functional characteristics (opening of the cover).