Simulations of fluid dynamics, structural calculation and multiphysics models 

Reproduction of real field scenarios 

 Improvement, implementation and optimization of industrial processes

Technology, development and innovation for industry 

Design Optimization 

 Our Company

TECDESIN is an engineering consultancy specializing in providing solutions to industry problems through the integration of analytical and practical knowledge, supported by numerical models, industrial measurements, materials analysis and a integrated quality system

It is conformed by a group of professionals with a long experience, who have the vision of bringing modern and advanced tools to the industry to solve complex problems.

TECDESIN is Technology, Development and Innovation for your Industry”


  • Failure analysis of components and structures.
  • Assessment of industrial operations.
  • Design and optimization of products and processes.
  • Validation of prototypes in service conditions.
  • Adaptation to international regulations.
  • R+D assistance.


Technological Areas

  • Numerical modelling: CFD, Thermal and Solids. More
  • Analysis, selection and characterization of materials.More
  • Quality systems implementations.More