Javier Copola 

He is a Mechanical Engineer from the University of Buenos Aires, with experience in leadership of projects related to the improvement of industrial processes.

He has over 14 years of experience in analysis and improvement of production processes providing technical advice to engineering and quality departments. He was involved in developments of numerical models, management of industrial measurements, coordination of physical models and implementation of production process improvements in industries in Argentina, Mexico, Romania, Italy and France.

He carried out research stays in laboratories belonging to the CNRS-France and the CNR-Italy.

Jonatan Schicht

He has more than 15 years of experience in optimizing industrial processes, mechanical designs, numerical simulations and complex measurement and instrumentation systems developed in different industries in Argentina, Brazil, Mexico, Italy and Japan.

He is a Mechanical Engineer from the University of Buenos Aires. He specialized in ITBA in technologies for the exploitation of hydrocarbons.

He has proven experience in certification standards in the industry. Additionally, he has been called as an advisor in Certification Standards by members of the American Petroleum Institute.

Juan Carlos González 

He has worked for more than 30 years in product development projects and processes in the steel industry. Former Corporate Director of Research and Development with Tenaris, where he coordinated the industrial R & D centers worldwide, including the intellectual property department.

He previously worked at CNEA and CIC in steel metallurgy and welding technology. He was professor of the “Master Program on Steelmaking” at UBA, as well as the postgraduate course on “Intellectual Property in Industry” at Austral University.

He attended executive courses in HBS and MIT, among others. He has multiple publications in his specialty and presentations to congresses. He has actively participated in AIST, AWS, NACE, IAS, IAPG.